advancing awareness of VULVAR CANCERS

advancing awareness of VULVAR CANCERS

About Suzanne Lee Prince Foundation

Suzanne Lee Prince Foundation

- is a public charity 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization

- with a 100% volunteer non-salaried board 

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About Vulvar Cancers

 In the United States alone (2018)

- 1 in 333 women will be diagnosed

   with Vulvar Cancer in their lifetime

- 17 women is diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer per day

- 4 women die from Vulvar Cancer per day

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More About Vulvar Cancers

Because there are NO screening methods for vulvar cancer -  

SLPF urges every woman to be PROACTIVE with her own health:

- become familiar with your vulva

- learn the signs and symptoms of vulvar cancer 

- boldly seek medical attention and insist on ruling out cancer, not just symptom relief


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SLPF provides:

  • ​-  this website
  • -  vulvar cancer presentations to groups/conventions
  • -  brochures about monthly vulvar self-examinations which SLPF advocates in addition to breast self-exams and regular MD visits.
  • -  emotional support (telephone support) to women diagnosed with vulvar cancer, their families, caregivers.

Please contact us:

  • -  to schedule a presentation
  • -  to receive brochure(s)
  • -  for a call back or email /text communication 

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